Integrated Amplifier Kits
 World Designs 2022

World Designs offers two integrated amplifiers, both with five relay-switched inputs, a tape output  and a high quality volume control. Choose between

the easier to build KEL84 integrated (15W) or the more powerful KT88 model (35W). Both are available with our XL upgrade option which adds audiophile

components where they matter most. Our designs use auto bias for ease of set up and long valve life. For full technical details of our standard and XL

versions please visit the Support & Forum page. For built versions please visit our Build Service page.

KEL84 Integrated 15W

Our entry level integrated amplifier which punches above its weight and is an ideal low cost introduction to valve amplifiers. This amplifier is powered by the EL84 medium power pentode originally designed by Mullard. This design uses PCBs for the majority of the components for easy build and is just perfect for smaller rooms or efficient speakers. Read the full review in Hi-Fi World May 2012 edition, where it was awarded full marks or see the summary on our Reviews & Gallery  page. For those who want the ultimate performance from this amazing amplifier there is an XL option which includes high performance Vishay HT supply capacitors, Schottky Rectifier Diodes for lower noise heater supply, Soniqs polypropylene coupling capacitors and Soniqs ICT interconnect cable for internal audio signal wiring. External dimensions with valves: W301 x D310 x H153mm. Weight: 9kg


Standard version £875

XL version £965


Integrated Amplifier Kits

KT88 Integrated 35W (Class A)

This is our flagship amplifier and is an asset in any music system. A perfect blend of power, control and subtlety makes

this an amplifier that you forget is there. Combining the inherent musicality of Class A operation with high quality components, the KT88 outclasses many much more expensive rivals. This amplifier is powered by KT88 Kinkless Tetrodes in a Class A Push Pull Ultralinear  configuration. The KT88 valve was designed by GEC as a high quality audio power valve, and this is an excellent example of how to get the best from that valve. Read the full review of this amplifier in Hi-Fi World November 2012 edition, where it was awarded top marks or see the summary on our Reviews & Gallery page. The XL upgrade option features boutique components such as Schottky diodes for both main rectifier and heater supplies, Pi filter DC heater supply, Soniqs ICT signal cables, Soniqs SAX signal path and Rifa Low ESR Power capacitors. External dimensions with valves: W406 x D365 x H180mm. Weight: 16.5kg

Standard version £1495

XL version £1695