Building Our Kits

KT88 - showing tag board construction
KEL84 - showing PCB construction
A level of skill is required to build our amplifiers and you will need a set of basic tools (screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers, soldering iron and spanners). In addition, a multimeter with a 750V DC or higher range is required for testing and safety checks. We would be happy to advise the exact requirements. Fully comprehensive instructions for construction and test are included. An example of the instructions can be found on our Instructions page.
Support and Forum
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World Designs has a thriving forum, composed of customers and like-minded souls with an interest in valve audio, music and many more subjects! We

recommend that all our customers join the forum to gain access to an unrivalled knowledge of our products, potential build issues and to get advice. 


During the build of a kit amplifier we provide telephone and email support should any issues arise. We want our customers to be delighted with their WD product and the feedback from customers is important to help us refine the instructions for future customers.  Should problems arise after construction then please do not hesitate to let us know. Naturally we also like to hear when things went well and how good the product sounds.


To access our forum please click this link:  WD Forum


Standard and XL versions

Our kits and amplifiers made through our build service come in two flavours, standard and XL. Our standard versions contain good quality commercial grade components sourced solely from bona fide distributors. The XL versions provide the ultimate sound. The contents of the XL upgrade varies, please see the individual Product pages for full details.  

Support & Forum



All of our kits except the KT88 amplifiers use PCBs for ease of construction. The KT88 amplifiers use tag boards for component mounting due to the higher operating voltages and currents in this amplifier. The KT88 is better suited to experienced constructors, but great results can be had by novices with patience and determination. If you prefer, our Build Service provides an alternative.