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A beautifully simple, yet sophisticated, stereo headphone amplifier design using ECL83 valves. The unit works directly from any source

and includes headphone impedance matching for optimum results from your favourite headphones. With the current interest in high

quality headphones driven by the portable audio revolution, this is the right product to get the best from them. Until you try a good quality

headphone amplifier in place of the  headphone sockets on most portables and amplifiers (where they are, in most cases, an

afterthought  to increase the feature count) you do not realise what you are missing.

The circuit utilises twin high specification E/I transformers output that will drive any headphone load from 16 ohms to over 300 ohms

depending on how the secondaries are configured, switched by DIP switches for easy re-configuration. The HD3S is a single-ended

design, with the power pentode wired up in triode configuration for that added purity, and is as quiet as a mouse.

Read the full review of this headphone amplifier in Hi-Fi World, where it was awarded top marks or see the summary on our Reviews & Gallery page. External dimensions: W220 x D314 x H82mm. Weight 3.6kg

Standard version £560

XL version £645



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