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Default Re: Phono 3 with 5751 valves

Originally Posted by Shian7 View Post
Yep, it's sill going strong.

Here it is with it's posh new valves...

By shian7, shot with u30D,S410D,u410D at 2009-08-21

I got some Oscons a while ago but still haven't got round to trying the 'bypass mod' yet... must get my finger out!

Woah! The valves look good but I can't see the amp What do they sound like compared with 5751, did you get to compare them directly? They're also a close rather than exact equiv of ecc83, mu 90 and lower capacitance, did they change the riaa? Can we still get them, Neville wrote them up in Oct 2008 HFW issue, but someone here I think said they've stopped making them already?
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