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Default Re: CCS Mod for a KEL84, anyone got details?

Thanks Philip,
That Tubecad blog I posted above has a couple of suggestions for how to work around the limitation of only full class A thusly:

but for now, I'm not worried about that as I'd be happy with a lower output.

Does anyone know/remember how CCS is best achieved with the KEL84?

I'm ok with the principle of using the LM317 as a CCS on the EL84 cathodes and a 15 to 18ohm resistor should give about the right current, but wasn't sure on the specifics like whether the original cathode resistors should be removed or replaced with 1ohm as per the diyparadise schematic and whether the original cathode caps should stay or go

I don't mind trying a few things, but my valve circuit knowledge is limited and I don't want to release any of the magic smoke if I can avoid it...
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