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Default Re: Phono 3 with 5751 valves

I ordered three GE 5751 valves from Watford Valves. C17 of my Phono 3S is a Vishay (supplied with WDPSU3XL). What is missing to bring the Phono 3S up to full XL specs? Polypropylenes for C11/12? Anything else?

Originally Posted by Shian7 View Post
It says...

"As an option an XL version of this kit is available which includes high performance HT smoothing capacitors, NOS 5751 JG valves and SONIQS polypropylene output capacitors for those who desire the ultimate in performance from this outstanding Phono preamplifier."

...but no further details!
Ah, that's new, when I built mine there wasn't an XL Phono as I recall. So just those parts if you want that XL spec

You can tweak whatever you want though. I use those valves with Soniqs coupling caps on the ouput at C11/12, lowered the bass roll-off first coupling C1/2 with 0.1uF Soniqs, and fitted Oscon 220uF to the first stage cathode bypass position across R7/8. Of everything the bypass caps make the biggest difference. Drawing in post 1 of this thread.
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