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Default Re: Phono 3 with 5751 valves

Well I am still in the process of upgrading my phono 2 clone to the 3S
For the PSU 2 HT.
I used schottky diodes for the bridge and mills wire wound for R1/R6 100uf Ruycon’s for C1/2/4 all bypassed with 0.1uf polypropylene
At a later date I would like to change these Rubycons for ether 100uf polypropylene or ASC OIL Caps but these are expensive in those values for the LT Heater again I used schottky diodes for the bridge and a bigger better first Cap for C6 changed from 4700uf to 10.000uf See this thread for PSU changes
The Phono2
R15/16 Takman Carbon all others are Holco Resistors Capacitors’ C12/13/ Are 0.1 uf WD 'SONIQS' SAX and C 22/23 2.2uf 'SONIQS' SAX C14/15 were change out for 10uf solen poly Caps added C17 as for the 3S I used 20uf solen Cap C16/17 are 8.2nf silver mica C20/21 also silver mica but changed from 220pf down to 200pf
Added 220uf Oscon bypass Caps to first stage cathode I still have to do the 3.18uS correction and add R31/32 plus C15/17 as per the 3S to 10uf solen polyps but so far its sounding very good indeed
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