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Default Re: Phono 3 with 5751 valves

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the up date. 5751's have been discussed before in this application but I've not tried them to date. What valves are you using? Are they nos or new buys? Jerry or anyone else like to make recommendations?

I'm seriously considering a rebuild of Phono II, hard wired and to incorporate the latest upgrades. That leads me on to a question. I've done the RIAA tweak as per the original Phono II FAQ thread although I'll have to check resistor value is actually 14.3K (it may be very close but not exact). If I incorporated C9/10/9a/10a changes to the standard Phono II 220pF, without access to a scope, can I set 30pF on 9a/10a out of circuit with my DNM (it has the farad measuring function) prior to fitting and expect a correct outcome?



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