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Default Re: Phono 3 with 5751 valves

Originally Posted by bearded fiddler View Post
Hi Richard,

I'm planning to order Phono 3S without the XL kit but with 5751 valves, as I have a pair in the phono stage I'm using now and love their sound.
Is the first stage bypass cap just a means of increasing gain (which I, like Gerry, don't need), or is it necessary for a good sound with these valves? What type of capacitor do you use?
Hi Jan,

Try with and without the bypass caps. You will find a sound quality difference Yes you'll get more gain and using the 5751 it will be reduced a little. The net result is a little more overall gain than the original no-bypass/ECC83 combination. It's only a little more though (making phono level about the same as CD into a preamp) and the sound, to my ears, is vastly improved with the bypass caps on either valve type. I'm using Soniqs coupling caps as in pics later, black 0.1uF 630v and blue 2.2uF 250v.
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