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Default Re: Phono 3 with 5751 valves

Hi Mike,

Oh dear that thread was just over a year back and I'd forgotten it , lovely build Worse, here I am going on about 5751 and it's taken me that long to try them. I see I mentioned 6072 - and what have I done today - before seeing your post - ordered 10 of the buggers for 300bpp and to try in Phono thinking it was a good progression of the 5751 idea... this is deja-vu in reverse for oldies methinks, anyone see Momento he he!

Ah well, I saw the Techtubes site was working and showing stock and got as far as checkout with an order but then decided to email them to be sure but it bounced. A bit of digging found this,
and this, interesting but still sad,
and Andy Blades the sales manager has moved on too.
Good luck to everyone.

Hang on to those valves Mike they may be very valuable one day! If you're ever down this way we can check your amp through no probs.

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