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Default Re: Signal earth lift explanation

Originally Posted by bob orbell
You are correct Richard, but there is a page that shows components and wire connections in block form. Bob

Thanks Bob,

I have the excellent WD88VA Layout pdf 2006 (location drawing of the tag boards, components and wiring) but C15 and R27 are not shown on it.
My build sheets and amp are early with the 7 pdf’s dated 2006, 2007 and 2008 (VA and VAXL).

My Assembly Instructions pdf 2008 has a photo of the earth lift components fitted as Riggers describes and I’m glad he feels re-assured.

Does anyone have an updated Circuit pdf which shows the 0V symbols (similar to the attached)?
Does anyone have an updated Layout pdf which shows the earth lift components?
I'll contact Matthew but he's away at the moment.

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