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Default Odd issue

Another post from me..

Been enjoying the WD88 very much - not made any mods yet apart from HT supply caps C12-13.

Noticed a strange thing yesterday however. When powering down with an audio signal the left channel turns off straight away. However, the right speaker fades out slowly over several seconds - which I would expect as normal behaviour whilst capacitors discharge?

1st Q - Am I right in expecting one channel turning 'off' immediately isn't expected behaviour?

I have had the bonnet up testing voltages, wiring, continuity etc, and nothing seems to be a miss. Also swapped around valves and temporarily swapped out some of the larger vaue caps (C7, C8 & C9) on the driver and output boards for similar values , but still the same behaviour.

Can't say whether this happened before I swapped out C12/C13 or not.

2nd Q - any pointers of what could be the cuplrit?

Not sure if it's actually affecting the sound, although I'm now telling myself the right channel sounds slightly louder and bass slightly more fuller
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