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Default Re: Phono 3 with 5751 valves

Originally Posted by Richard View Post
Yes, how did you get to 0.022uF for 20Hz?
Well, I didn't exactly make any calculation because I was a bit unsure of how to calculate the load. I therefore looked at the original diagram, and 0.022 is what you get in the middle position where 0.01 and 0.012 are added. Since the middle position works for me in the sense that it seems to reduce the rumble of these problematic records without really reducing useful bass range. Besides, this would be a easy and reversible way for me to go as the caps I would need are already there. Doing this will allow me to simply take the switch out, i.e. only change one thing at a time. Later on, I can try with other caps to see if it will make a difference to me.

So I suppose the mthodeology is something like "a pragmatic apporach to what's on the shelf..."
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