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Default Re: Phono 3 with 5751 valves

Originally Posted by Richard View Post
Hi, I used a 0.1uF Soniqs there (standard value on the Phono 2 and 3) but you can't get them in smaller values. Give it a go perhaps unless you have problems with low frequency warp or cart/arm matching. The cathode bypass caps on the first stage are also well worth trying
Hi Richard, and thanks again for the advise. I have already added the first stage bypass caps, and I built it with GE 5157 from the beginning. The bypass caps are marvelous once settled!

I have no problems with conflap. I run an Ortofon Rondo Bronze on an Audiomods (what a thing of beauty!) on an Orbe. Iy sounds very good indeed. Even though I have no problems with coneflap, I do occatioannly get low freq. rumble from old records bourght second hand. Therefore, I would like to cut the subfrequencies. Also, there is no music on the record that low anyway...

I think to begin with; I will just go with the 0.022 uF and bypass the switch. I never really liked the switch since you have to be careful not flicking it with the volume cranked up.
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