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WD Platinum is an Archive of the DIY Supplements that appeared in Hi-Fi World magazine from 1993 to 2010. This CD ROM contains a compendium

of supplements that were produced by Hi-Fi World's editorial staff and contributors, all devoted to aspects of DIY hi fi.

Many of these articles spawned what are now considered classic designs in their own right. And we're not just talking about valve amplifiers. There are

speakers, DACs and even single 'chip' IC power amps amongst the gems that spanned the huge variety of self-build kits in the DIY supplements.

There are plenty of informative 'teach-in' articles too; like the difference between SE and PP, how to find the best 300B valve, mega test of ribbon

tweeters and other aspects of build-your-own components.

Nor did the kits stay still. The best valve amp and preamp kits were returned to - sometimes time and time again - with revisions and upgrade tweaks.

What this all amounts to is a cornucopia of designs, kits, reviews and articles that you can refer to time and time again, or just dip into for some fun

reading! But how do you access these supplements?

We have made it easy for you. It was a task of herculean proportions, but we did it. We scanned each article of interest into our server, labelled it,

tagged it and then referenced it to a central index. Then we put it on a disc so you can access this store of information any time you like.

All the articles are in pdf format compiled in Adobe Acrobat Professional, so they can be read on any computer and viewed in any browser.

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Platinum  Archive CD ROM