World Designs 2017


We offer our Remote Control and Relay boards for use by the wider DIY community.

Remote Control Board Kit

We offer the Infra Red Remote Control Board (RCB) used in our Pre4 preamplifier for those who need a high quality solution for their own project. The board features control of 5 relays for input selection, a mute facility and the control of motorised volume potentiometers. In addition, there is an on board rotary encoder for input selection, with LEDs to show input selection. The heart of the RCB is a microcontroller that takes care of all the control functions. The RCB is designed to work with our Relay Board and ALPS motorised potentiometers but can be used with other relays. It is powered from either 5V or 6.3V DC and is supplied with a small hand-held remote controller which accesses all the functions. The RCB can be configured to operate LCD or OLED displays; full technical details of the board and custom options can be found via our Instructions  page. Dimensions: 125 x 60mm If you require the Remote Control Board to be built and tested then please enquire.

Remote Control Board Kit £80


Relay Board Kit

Designed to complement our RCB, the Relay Board is also available for constructors who need a relay controlled input selector for their own project. The Relay Board supports up to 5 inputs on phono sockets and tape output sockets that mount directly on the board. Using high quality switching relays and fibreglass board the Relay Board provides a simple and flexible solution for input selection. The Relay Board is powered from either 5V or 6.3V DC. Dimensions: 118 x 45mm If you require the Relay Board to be built and tested then please enquire.

Relay Board Kit £35